Our Company: A leading edge solutions provider

AMSAT International, Inc. is an innovative technology company specializing in advanced ceramics to provide customer-specific solutions based on technology expertise, industry experience, and interconnected global sourcing network. AMSAT is dedicated to the overall customer satisfaction by delivering top-quality products with excellent customer support. We have the pertinent experience and service approach to match our dedication for customer satisfaction. We offer the same passion and high standards to each inquiry regardless whether it is a one-time or a recurring one. Our products serve global customers spanning in oil/gas, chemical, electronic (LED, LCD, semiconductor), mining, industrial mineral, metal casting, and energy industries.   OurMission_cycle   AMSAT’s corporate office has been located in Orlando, Florida since 2007 and subsidiary company of AMSAT China operates two offices in mainland China. AMSAT’s manufacturing plant is strategically located in Jiangxi Province, China, where the tireless Chinese employees produce consistent and superior quality products based on advanced technology and formulation developed by ASMAT.  

Amsat Global Network